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Master of Medicine in Transfusion Medicine

Master of Medicine (Transfusion Medicine) is a 4-year postgraduate programme to produce clinical experts in the field of transfusion medicine. At the end of this four-year course, candidates are awarded with degree of Master of Medicine (Transfusion Medicine). The programme aims to produce transfusion medicine specialist to function more effectively in the transfusion medicine unit which is vital for the national health service. The graduates will be able to perform tasks in the field including stem cell and organ transplantation, and cord blood storage. The graduates will also be able to perform active role in research and contribute further towards the research and development in transfusion medicine.

Why US ?

One of the few institutes which offers postgraduate study in transfusion sciences worldwide and the only one in ASEAN countries. Graduates are trained by experts in blood
transfusion and haematology at cutting edge facilities.
Admission Requirements

MBBS/MD with at least 2 years' clinical experience.
- Registered with Malaysian Medical Council.
- Foreign applicants are required to complete 3-6 months of clinical attachment in Malaysia prior to enrolment to the program and fulfil the minimum English language requirement.
- Passed the Medical Specialist PreEntrance Examination (MedEx).
- Passed the Admission Interview.

Learning Method

Formal taught courses and laboratory session (various approaches including hands-ons and practical, seminars, journal clubs and Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions as well as online self-learning through our e-learn platforms), research dissertation and clinical training.

Curriculum Standards

Accredited by MQA
Contact Us

Division of Academic and International,
Advanced Medical & Dental Institute,
13200 Kepala Batas, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +604-562 2352 / 2526 / 2489 / 2135
Fax: +604-562 2468

Online application: graduate

More Information / For Further Enquiries, Please Contact
Program coordinator:
Dr. Sharifah Adziana Tuan Din (Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.)
Tel: +604-562 2056

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