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Online Courses

Online courses in Medical, Dental and Health Sciences topics, from research to clinical practice


1)    Dr. Rafidah Zainon, Physics of Medical Imaging

2)    Dr. Anusha, AP Dr Tan Mei Lan, Dr Noorfatimah, Dr Sharlina, Dr Siti Razila, Dr NoorDiyana, Dr Nurulisa.
       Scientific Writing & Communication

Microcredential Courses:

1)    Dr. Mohd Hafizuddin Mohamed Fauzi, Blood Cells Morphology

2)    PM Dr. Doblin Anak Sandai, Fungal Infections; Diagnosis guides,

3)    Dr. Nawal Radhiah Abdul Rahman, Non-Odontogenic Jaw Lesion,

4)    Dr. Noor Ayuni Ahmad Shafai, Removable Appliance in Orthodontics,

5)    Dr. Fatanah Mohamad Suhaimi, Laser Hazard & Safety,

6)    Dr. Noorsuzana Mohamad Shariff, Multivariable analysis: The Multiple Linear Regression,