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Facility and Resources

Location and Resource

AMDI has two dedicated sites in Bertam and Kepala Batas. Our research students work in a unique multidisciplinary environment alongside scientist and clinician with access to state-of-the-art facilities and the support of technical staff. Our learning resources enable student to develop relevant researcher’s skills to excel in the research/tough programmes.

World-class Research and Learning Facilities

Our facilities provide the latest technologies to facilitate teaching as well as research across all fields.

The Library 

The library and information service are available to support your academic work while you at AMDI. You will have access to the database and books in all USM libraries including the dedicated medical library in AMDI.

Training Course

AMDI runs a variety of courses throughout the year. Workshop cover a range of topics including scientific writing, biostatistics and research management. To find out more about our training courses, see our training and development webpage. 

Training and Development

AMDI Learning and Development unit organises a wide range of training opportunities for students. Acquiring generic research skills during your studies is important for enhancing your experiences as a researcher.

Training Course Catalogue

-  Technical courses, such as statistics, advanced computing, science communication and scientific writing

-  Career development and professional development training tailored for students.

-  The team also works with AMDI experts to support scientific computing and bioinformatics training, with courses including an Introduction to MATLAB, ImageJ for biomedical image processing and biostatistics.

Training Opportunities for Research Degree Student

We offer a broad range of transferable skills training and provides all research students with tailored personal development opportunities throughout the year. Workshops cover a range of topics including statistics, scientific writing, and project management.

Research students are expected to attend the training workshops and seminars throughout the academic year. Some courses are mandatory, others optional, some taught face-to-face and others online. Some of this training is recorded online, via individual student personal development plans.

Workshop and Seminars

The Learning and Development team works with the Research and Networking Division to provide a series of introductory technical seminars at to train and support students and staff in the use of core scientific techniques. These are normally delivered throughout the year by AMDI scientists who are experts in the field.


The Scientific Writing MOOC

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